The new Nimbus Tender 9

The new Nimbus Tender 9

The T9 was showcased at the Stockholm Boat Show earlier this month and is the second boat to be released from the entirely new Nimbus series. The T stands for Tender and this is the first model from the new Tender series.

The T9 is a 9 metre boat that is intended for all kinds of day to day activities such as transportation, water sports and leisure activities. Just like the W9, the T9 can be equipped with either an outboard or inboard engine.

As planned there are currently going to be 2 further models in the form of 8 and 11 metres. The Tender series is the new interpretation of the popular Nova which was first introduced in 1991. The Tender 9 is a boat for those who appreciate meticulous contemporary Scandinavian design and value and smart functionality that provides a comfortable and safe boating experience.

Jonas Göthberg, Marketing Manager at Nimbus says…

“The T9 is something of a chameleon and can adapt to most situations, for example transportation to and from a holiday home for most of the year, as a tender for a larger boat, for a variety of water sports, sea fishing, overnight accommodation or on-board social activities with friends and family. The advantage to the fact that at the design stage we were already considering the need for versatility with many areas of use, is that there are a great many options available when equipping the boat, depending on its intended purpose,”