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Nimbus Boats UK Ltd (formerly Offshore Powerboats Ltd) are the importers of Nimbus boats for the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands and have been trading high quality sailing boats and powerboats since 1979, offering both new and used craft. We have a number of Nimbus boats for sale and used Nimbus Boats in the UK + on request can provide Nimbus boats price list.

AXOPAR We have also been importing since 2014, right from the start when they launched their amazing 28 range. Over the last 10 years we are now up to over 220 boats sold in this time and have extensive knowledge of the whole range which include 22, 25, 28, 29, 37 & 45 foot models. Being also Scandinavian we have developed an unrivaled understanding of the product working with the AXOPAR Team that developed the much acclaimed Paragon Yachts that Nimbus included in their impressive portfolio of boats. NIMBUS / AQUADOR / FLIPPER / PARAGON YACHTS / AXOPAR

Lymington Quay

Additionally, we offer a wide selection of pre-owned motor and sail boats ashore at our Yacht Haven Marina base in Lymington. You can always rely on our 45 years’ experience backed up by valuations and surveys, and when you buy from us you know you are getting not only the right advice but also top value for your investment.

Our enviable location in Lymington Yacht Haven, at the heart of the Solent, gives all our staff the opportunity to spend time afloat. We are confident that you will get only the best advice on buying either a new or pre-owned powerboat or a pre-owned sailing boat from Nimbus Boats Ltd.

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