E-Boat Puts BMW I3 Battery Power To Use On The High Seas

E-Boat Puts BMW I3 Battery Power To Use On The High Seas

More than just an electrified vehicle sub-brand, ”i” is BMW’s ”spearhead of innovation” for technological advancements. The latest fruits of that innovation spearheading can be found floating on the ocean in the form of the Nimbus 305 Drophead E-Power.

We’ve seen BMW i3 battery power used for four-wheel, two-wheel and home power applications, and now it makes a move off land. BMW i has teamed with German electric boat motor specialist Torqeedo in adapting the i3 battery to the Torqeedo Deep Blue line, Torqeedo’s most powerful electric boat powertrain, which comes in 40- and 80-hp varieties.

Torqeedo highlighted the new i3 battery system at the Boot Düsseldorf show, which wrapped up yesterday. It seems quite convinced that it’s the future of electric boat motoring, explaining that the new battery offers a 40 percent higher energy density for a lower watt-hour cost. It also explains that the prismatic cell design allows for combination of compact size, efficient cooling and even temperature distribution within the battery.

Nimbus E-Boat

The tough-built i3 batteries also ensure the rugged, shock-resistant performance needed for boating applications. They are IP67 waterproof and include a pressure release safety disc for releasing built-up gases while maintaining waterproof integrity…

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